Competitive Services

EXERGIA offers top-quality competitive services to its clients, using state-of-the-art methodologies and tools, in order to address their singular needs and requirements.

Specialized Expertise

We provide specialized expertise, advisory and technical consultancy services on a number of key sectors. Our scope ranges from consultancy to state policy and strategy formulation, up to energy/ environmental audits and studies for private and public clients.

30 Years of Experience

Based on our 30 years of experience and know-how in the fields of energy, environment and climate change, we are well suited to handle a wide spectrum of complex projects with the help of our dedicated staff.


The key sectors of EXERGIA projects

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Energy Transition to a low carbon energy system and economy, as well as the battle against Climate Change and the need to make optimal use of the available energy resources, require the development of an effective energy strategy and the formulation of efficient policies. Energy planning has been proved to be a key tool for governments, institutions and organizations towards the elaboration of energy and climate policies and strategies, as well as their effective implementation at national, regional and EU level.

At a national level, EXERGIA advises governments and national authorities on the development of their long-term energy strategies and action plans, with a special focus on optimal use of resources and compliance with the global transition to a low carbon energy future. In this frame, EXERGIA has a long track record of completed projects in the EU and third countries, related to the accession of neighbouring countries to the EU and their harmonization with the EU Acquis Communautaire and other international initiatives and treaties. Based on its 30-years long expertise, EXERGIA has supported, on behalf of governmental authorities, the study, formulation and implementation of organizational, institutional and legislative measures related to energy transition.

At a regional level, EXERGIA assists sustainable-driven decentralized and local economic development, through exploitation of the available local potential of both renewable and conventional energy sources. EXERGIA also provides advice to municipal and local authorities in the design and implementation of policy measures and action plans for the deployment of sustainable alternative and renewable energies, the decarbonization of fuels and the improvement of energy efficiency in the industry, buildings and transport sectors.

Furthermore, EXERGIA has been involved in the analysis of the specific items of the EU “Clean Energy package” and “Green Deal” both from a policy decision-making perspective and from the implementation (Member States) and compliance (private sector) point of view.

EXERGIA also provides high quality services in policy and planning in the key energy sub-sectors, including electricity, natural gas, oil, renewables, energy efficiency, end-use (transport, buildings, industry), using state-of-the-art methodologies and tools offering an holistic approach to the challenges faced by the energy sector to evolve towards a sustainable and climate friendly operation.

The broad scope of specialized services incorporates the following fields:

Energy Strategy and Policy

National and regional energy policies formulation and assessment

Preparation of national and sectoral energy strategy & action plans

Formulation of strategies for the deployment of novel technologies (e.g. CCU, CCS, advanced biofuels, hydrogen, recycled carbon fuels (RCF), etc.)

Support on the governance of the energy sector and digitalization of market functions

Formulation of evidence-based policy positions

Provision of services to industrial clients relevant to policy advocacy activities to decision makers, including contribution to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) and sustainability exercises

Support in the impact assessment of sectoral, national and regional energy policies

Formulation of policies tackling energy poverty and enforcing consumer empowerment

Assessment of energy pricing policies and energy sector economics analyses

Energy sector institutional/organizational development and capacity building

Evaluation of sectoral, national and regional energy programs

Country and sectoral reviews

Energy Planning

Preparation of national Energy and Climate Plans

Design and delivery of tailor-made capacity building activities for energy planning and modelling

Performance of integration of variable renewable energy studies

Formulation and assessment of long-term decarbonization scenarios for the energy sector

Performance of least cost energy sector studies

Integrated resource planning

Formulation of monitoring and evaluation frameworks

Low carbon transport fuels

Analysis of EU and national policy framework, including EU ETS, RED, FQD and other significant legislations and initiatives

Market assessment for alternative and renewable transport (ART) fuels including advanced biofuels, RCF and e-fuels (green hydrogen)

Support appraisal of investments on sustainable ART fuels for the road, maritime and aviation sectors

Support for implementation of electromobility and e-fuels


EXERGIA possesses proven experience and expertise on the liberalisation of the electricity and gas markets in Europe and worldwide. It has closely followed all energy policy and regulatory developments in the EU imposed by the implementation of the Second and Third Energy Packages and has been involved from the very beginning in energy reform projects by providing legal, institutional, regulatory and markets design support to Energy Regulatory Authorities, Network Operators, utilities and Governments. In the framework of these projects, EXERGIA has provided tailored capacity building activities as well as support in the development of tailor-made solutions such as information systems. EXERGIA has accumulated experience in the electricity, gas and oil markets, while continuously expanding its activities in these sectors. The key services provided by the company include the development of legal and regulatory frameworks, the organization and design of market transitions, the provision of institutional and organizational support as well as capacity building to energy utilities, infrastructure projects and business development activities to investors. In view of the comprehensive “Clean energy for all Europeans package” and “Green Deal” initiatives, EXERGIA supports energy market actors on governance regulation and electricity market design towards achieving an integrated EU energy market with higher share of renewables and participation of consumers, achieving both energy security and decarbonization of the energy system.

The broad scope of specialized services incorporates the following fields:

Reform of energy markets

Support to all energy market actors, including regulatory authorities, operators, services, utilities and IPPs to operate and develop their business within liberalized energy markets

Analysis, organization and design of energy markets implementing the EU acquis provisions entailed in the Clean Energy Package

Technical support to Energy Regulatory Authorities on energy market development, monitoring and transparency, effective competition, consumer empowerment etc.

Tailored capacity building as well as support in the development of custom-made solutions such as information systems for market monitoring and digitalization of operations

Development of regulatory frameworks

Analysis, assessment, development and consultation on legal and regulatory frameworks in the electricity, gas and oil sectors

Development of primary and secondary legislation for the transposition of the EU acquis in the national energy legislation with focus on implementation of RES including hydroelectricity projects

Development and harmonization of energy transmission and distribution codes and regulations of network operators with new market requirements and rules e.g. incorporating energy storage, electricity quality provisions, use of hydrogen etc.

Development of regulatory decisions, tariff setting methodologies, accounting guidelines, etc.

Development of infrastructure projects

Economic and financial appraisal of energy investments – Cost Benefit Analysis, with incorporation of carbon criteria (EU ETS, carbon tax)

Support to independent investors, network operators, utilities, suppliers and producers in developing energy infrastructure investments, covering the whole project development cycle

Assessment and selection of technology, preparation of regulatory, market, technical, environmental and feasibility studies, development of business plans etc. for new generation capacity, electricity and gas transmission/ distribution lines, CNG and LNG supply chains etc.

Preparation and support of application files for the issuing of necessary licenses.



Transition to clean energy through Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energy Sources (RES) is a core activity of EXERGIA since its establishment, particularly in major emerging economies and developing markets. EXERGIA holds significant experience in the provision of technical assistance to ministries, governments, governmental structures, industrial and commercial clients as well financing institutions in the fields related to EE, RES and net zero.

The company advises industrial and commercial clients on the assessment, evaluation and application of modern EE technologies and techniques and provides integrated energy use and supply services, covering energy audits, energy management, investment assessment and support, feasibility and market studies for EE investments, measurement and verification of performance and implementation of energy management systems. Pilot projects have also been undertaken in order to demonstrate the benefits and the cost-effectiveness of best practices.

Moreover, EXERGIA has deep knowledge and experience in the design and development of sustainable financing schemes and mechanisms worldwide including the establishment of sustainable energy funds and financing facilities through its involvement in several projects of international development banks in the field.

EXERGIA also possesses extensive experience in all issues related to the development of RES, ranging from technical and economic potential evaluation to market, technology assessments and feasibility studies of specific installations and from sectoral studies to specific investment analyses. Moreover, its involvement focuses on the integration of RES into the grids as well as on rural electrification in developing countries. The company covers a wide range of renewable energy technologies spanning from the most mature (e.g. solar, wind, biomass) to modern ones (e.g. advanced and low carbon biofuels, renewable biogas, etc.).

Additionally, based on its experience in the above-mentioned field, EXERGIA supports its industrial and commercial clients in achieving net zero GHG emissions footprint. Apart from standalone services in increasing EE and introducing RES, the company develops comprehensive strategies and action plans as well as feasibility studies for the deployment of available novel technologies (e.g. CCU, CCS, advanced biofuels, hydrogen, recycled carbon fuels (e-fuels, RCF), electromobility, etc.) that will support the client’s transition to net zero.

The broad scope of specialized services incorporates the following fields:

Increasing Energy Efficiency

Conduction of energy audits in the building and industrial sectors

Implementation of technology and market assessments

Application of energy management systems & measurement and verification functions

Conduction of feasibility studies under the EU legal framework and the EU ETS and other carbon restriction initiatives

Design and development of sustainable financing schemes, support in the establishment of EE funds and financing facilities in developing countries

Verification of EE investments in the buildings and industrial sectors

Formulation of EE action plans and programs

Development of EE legislative/ regulatory provisions and rules

Institutional development and capacity building to ministries, governments, governmental structures and other stakeholders

Support for digitalization of energy functions in services and consumption sectors

Deployment of Renewable Energy Sources

Conduction of feasibility studies, technical assessments, and due diligence exercises

Identification of RES and high-efficiency cogeneration potential at national and local level and design of implementation measures in market opening initiatives

Support for implementation of studies on the integration of RES into the grid, including hydros, as well as of plans of rural electrification and grid expansion to isolated areas

Preparation of studies on the market uptake and penetration of biofuels, other low carbon transportation fuels and hydrogen

Review, analysis and formulation of incentive mechanisms for RES applications

Verification of RES investments

Formulation of action plans and programs for RES / CHP, including energy poverty provisions
Support for legislative/ regulatory development for RES / CHP

Support for institutional development and capacity building to ministries, governments, governmental structures and other stakeholders

Support to net zero transition

Determination of the baseline carbon emissions across the entire value chain (footprint calculation, LCA, portfolio footprint, etc.)

Support in the definition of systems and processes to measure, monitor and report emissions data

Development and support for the implementation of a net zero strategy including the analysis and identification of pathways to net zero and the preparation of tailor-made roadmaps and action plans for achieving its targets

Conduction of feasibility studies, technical assessments for the examination of the available options towards net zero targets including the identification of certified offsetting projects

Identification of activities that support net zero through energy efficiency measures, renewables, Nature Based Solutions, stakeholder engagement and the identification of suitable investments in business transformation (energy management & systems, carbon pricing, etc.)


EXERGIA has accumulated experience in the elaboration of Environmental & Social Impact Assessment Studies (ESIAs) for more than 20 years based on an integrated approach where environmental and social impacts of projects in various sectors are equally acknowledged and evaluated following national or international requirements (EIB, EBRD, KfW etc.). In parallel, excellent relations with the NGO community is maintained and major emphasis is placed on properly managing stakeholder engagement activities and public consultation issues.

EXERGIA addresses issues on biodiversity conservation through field surveys in Greece and abroad to collect baseline, pre- and post-construction data on species of conservation interest within the project area. The company employs highly specialized, senior staff of various disciplines and has carried out numerous field missions, mainly for ecological, socioeconomic and cultural heritage purposes, comprising over 400 days in the field. All the surveys are organized with due care of health & safety (H&S) and working conditions exhibiting zero incidents record.

EXERGIA can demonstrate significant record in environmental, H&S auditing services to multinational firms, as part of compliance assessments or due diligence exercises involved investment acquisitions, changes of ownership and public utilities privatization.

EXERGIA supports environmental policy and strategy development by governmental organizations, administrations and institutions in developing countries. Such work concentrates on combining the EU experience with the deep understanding of the local conditions in order to build sustainable structures in the field of environment. Additionally, the company supports environmental authorities worldwide to promote environmental management systems and raise public awareness on sustainability issues.

Water resources management is an evolving market sector for EXERGIA. The company has traditionally focused in water issues related to environmental projects. In the recent years, EXERGIA has expanded the scope of its services by supporting water management and efficient use projects as part of industrial process optimization or water management initiatives.

The broad scope of specialized services incorporates the following fieldς:

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

Support in selecting optimum routes and project locations through environmental and social baseline studies

Drafting and monitoring implementation of Environmental and Social Management and Monitoring Plans (ESMMP)

Drafting Stakeholder Engagement Plans (SEP), Public Consultation and Disclosure Plans (PCDP) and supporting the public consultation process

Environmental H&S Management & Compliance Assessments

Environmental, H&S inspections at industrial plants or other facilities towards identifying compliance status and potential breaches of relevant legislation

Assessment of environmental, H&S performance and identification of areas for improvements and provision of recommendations

Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) exercises involved in investment acquisitions, changes of ownership and public utilities privatization

Support for implementation of ESG and sustainability principles in enterprises

Environmental Policy and Strategy

Support for transposition of the EU acquis that is addressed to national and regional environmental institutions

Capacity building and know-how transfer to existing administration and management structures

Formulation and drafting of environmental, including waste management, action plans and strategies at regional or national level

Waste management and air quality assessments and formulation of policy measures

Support for digitalization of implementation measures and policies

Ecological Assessment, Survey and Mitigation

Ecological communities assessment: multivariate vegetation data analysis, baseline Plant Community Mapping and Ecological Condition Assessment including marine coastal habitats, Performance Standards for afforestation and reinstatement studies, Implementation Inspections and Annual Progress Reports

Species – specific surveys: mark-recapture studies to assess population abundance, bird nesting surveys, species distribution modelling approaches i.e. RSF/ENFA, camera trap implementation, howling surveys for large carnivores, electrofishing

Wetland delination and water quality monitoring

Survey design including development of BACI protocols, residual impact assessment and offset design

Water management and efficient use

Water supply cost optimization

PPP water supply design and implementation

Conservation of freshwater resources monitoring and protection of their quality

Exploitation of treated wastewater based on best practice techniques

Support on feasibility studies, conceptual/preliminary design for wastewater treatment plants (based on FIDIC Yellow Book), detailed design for water supply and sewerage and storm water networks (based on FIDIC Red Book) in compliance with national and international standards

Capacity building of governmental institutions and local companies, know-how transfer and on-the-job training


EXERGIA has been at the forefront of the international debate on climate change since its early years. The company works in partnership with national and regional authorities as well as the private sector, for assessing, developing and implementing climate change adaptation and resilience initiatives, and help businesses and organizations integrate climate change impacts into risk management and other strategic planning activities through tailor-made solutions.

The company has experience in the development and implementation of national and European projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, strengthen the resilience and adaptive capacity to climate-induced impacts, and in the identification and assessment of climate-related hazards in various countries, as well as in the integration of climate change measures into national policies, strategies and planning. EXERGIA also has proven experience in improving education, awareness-raising and institutional capacity with respect to climate change mitigation and adaptation and in disaster risk management aiming at impact reduction and improving early warning systems.

In the area of circular economy, EXERGIA has an extensive global experience working on resources efficiency, waste valorisation, low carbon fuels production development, exploitation of combined use of renewables, solid waste management, end of waste either in developing and providing solutions or by increasing capacity and awareness of national organizations or local key players. Areas of particular expertise include projects focusing on biogas generation, biochemical feedstocks development, Industrial valorisation of solid waste, combined restoration of quarries with aggregates recycling, reuse of industrial wastewater, planning for Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC), etc.

The scope of specialized services incorporates the following fields:

Climate Change mitigation

Development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of mitigation policies, including those related to energy poverty

Management approaches reducing GHG emissions, emission trading, EU ETS and other compulsory markets, carbon tax systems, design and operation of voluntary carbon markets

Demonstration of innovative mitigation technologies, tools, and methods related to low carbon fuels, hydrogen, renewable electricity, digitalization of functions, etc.

Development and implementation of climate strategies and action plans

Support in mainstreaming climate change into economic and energy planning

Development and implementation of climate finance tools towards low- carbon, climate-resilient societies

Climate Change Adaptation

Support in the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of adaptation strategies at national, regional, and local scale

Support for implementation of adaptation actions in key vulnerable sectors, as spatial planning, infrastructure, tourism etc. and strengthening consumer empowerment

Capacity building of decision-makers by addressing gaps in operation of markets and infrastructures related to adaptation and digitalization of necessary functions

Climate Resilience and Disaster Risk Management

Systematic approach to identify, assess, reduce and manage risks from natural disasters (vulnerability assessments, DRR & DRM planning and Business Continuity Plans)

Digitalization of operational functions at the level of enterprise and authorities

Ensuring financial resilience to climate change

Circular Economy

Development and implementation of circular economy business models

Technical assistance supporting industrial synergies and symbiosis towards circular economy solutions

Incorporation of ESG and sustainability strategies of enterprises

Cross-Cutting Services

EXERGIA’s strong expertise in the technical, financial and policy aspects of its fields of expertise is combined with a vast experience in the organization of capacity building activities and the delivery of targeted, client-tailored training, structured energy and environment programme and project evaluation in accordance with the rules of several IFIs, information dissemination and publicity activities and development of specialized IT solutions.

EXERGIA carries out focussed training events internationally, including in the EU and its neighbouring countries (South-Eastern Europe and Turkey to Caucasus, Middle East and North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia) that are addressed to a wide range of beneficiaries comprising policy makers and related institutions, governmental and private energy market actors, industry, SMEs as well as social stakeholders. The company is now considered among the leading European firms in this field. High standard training and handout material has been developed and delivered on many occasions and is continuously updated and re-assessed, including specific tutorials and up-to-date case studies. The training courses are based on state-of-the- art methods and tools, including the development and use of e-platforms that allow the participants to exchange experience with experts and market actors online. 

EXERGIA also has significant experience on ex-ante, mid-term and ex-post evaluation and monitoring of national or regional programmes, financing schemes and funding mechanisms in the fields of energy, water and environment and is familiar with the prevailing methodological approaches and use of the standard evaluation criteria endorsed by OECD/DAC, the European Commission, the GIZ and other donors. Its experts are members of the European Evaluation Society. EXERGIA provides Information Technology (IT) services for the design and development of specialized, tailor made solutions to cover the needs of the energy, environment and water sectors. Examples of such solutions include the design and specification of information systems (hardware and software) for energy regulatory authorities and system operators, the development of software tools for market monitoring, energy decision making and investments appraisal as well as design of tools dealing with specific requirements e.g. electronic registries for the RES Guarantees of Origin and high efficiency cogeneration of heat and power etc.

EXERGIA has performed a large number of information dissemination activities worldwide for international institutions, donors, governmental authorities and private clients regarding climate change issues with special focus on the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, the elaboration and adoption of policies and strategies and the communication of energy and environment related issues (using Above and Below The Line marketing techniques).

The scope of specialized services incorporates the following fields:

Training and Capacity Building

Energy Management in industry, transport and buildings

Environmental management

Regional and urban energy planning

Use of modern energy technologies

Energy markets restructuring

Market Rules and Technical Codes in electricity and gas

Climate change and CO2 Emissions Policies

Water management

Social and Environmental Impact Assessment

Evaluation and Monitoring

Ex-ante, mid-term and ex-post evaluation of programmes, financing schemes and funding mechanisms

Monitoring of programme performance with respect to efficiency, effectiveness, and impact

Assessment of programme implementation mechanisms and evaluation of technical/ financial programme management, elaboration of recommendations for amendments and management improvements

Evaluation of internal consistency of programmes and of adequacy and distribution of resources in relation to the needs and priorities

Evaluation of external consistency of energy and environmental programmes with global, international and national objectives

Information Technology Solutions

Design and development of Energy / Regulatory Information Systems

Preparation of hardware and software specifications

Formulation of modelling and decision support tools for the energy, environment, and water sectors

Design and development of Multimedia and/or web-based applications and tools supporting information dissemination and collaboration among groups of stakeholders

Information dissemination and publicity

Design and management of public information and media campaigns in climate change, energy and environment issues, including public awareness, advocacy communication, social mobilization and consumer empowerment

Organisation of high-level communication events, e.g. fora, exhibitions, summits, conferences, and workshops at international level

Elaboration of communication strategies and implementation plans related to climate change, low carbon practices and use of renewable sources

Design and development of communication material, tools, and activities for information campaigns, including digital media campaigns, newsletters, media kits, websites, manuals, video clips etc.

Assistance to the communication teams of governmental organizations, and institutions in building their capacity in public relations, strategic communication, and the implementation of technology marketing initiatives

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