Technical assistance to the Ministry of Economy of Moldova for the implementation of policies towards reform of the Energy Sector

EXERGIA is leader of an EC-funded project in Moldova aiming at providing the Ministry of Economy with Technical Assistance regarding the implementation of the Energy Sector Policy Support Programme (TA-SPSP) “Support to Reform of the Energy Sector”.

The TA-SPSP project includes a wide range of activities organised as follows:

  • Energy sector policy and legal framework and development of the institutional framework;
  • Promotion of research and development of energy efficiency and RES;
  • Provision of recommendations for developing solar thermal applications specifically for hot water in rural areas broken down into two separate phases;
  • Raising awareness and dissemination by organising workshops for presentation of study results and prosperous projects;
  • Financial planning and coordination in the energy sector;
  • Capacity building activities of the relevant institutions involved in the reform of energy sector;
  • Regular monitoring of the implementation of the SPSP in the Energy sector in accordance with the Policy Matrix.
  • In the framework of the TA-SPSP project, EXERGIA developed the solar potential map of the country. The methodology made use of solar measurements from ground-based weather stations and utilised a time series of satellite images.

    Coming next on this task: EXERGIA is to develop a national study on solar thermal applications in rural areas of the Republic of Moldova. The study will build on the solar potential mapping and will consist of:
    • The assessment of the solar potential with special focus on solar thermal applications in rural areas of the country;
    • Recommendations for development of solar thermal applications in the previous point, all adjusted to specific conditions in the Republic of Moldova.