Improving the Resilience of your business

Improving the Resilience of your business

The World is entering an era of high uncertainty, with risks yet unknown and different kinds of natural hazards which will potentially cause major business disruptions. Climate Change and Globalization yield and augment nontraditional risks that have the potential to impact vulnerable assets and business operations.

New terms are entering our vocabulary. Contingency planning, DRR (Disaster Risk Reduction or Recovery), DRM (Disaster Risk Management), Disaster Recovery, BCM (Business Continuity Management) become very common buzzwords.

At the same time Financial Institutions require disclosures on how Businesses are addressing these new risks. International Financial Organizations and Governments are making available funds to support actions for Climate Change Adaptation investments, to help businesses to cope with transition burdens.

Businesses need support to establish adequate decision-making processes, to protect performance, prioritize against the upcoming vulnerabilities or even convert threats that will emerge to opportunities and in addition to decide what should be insured and what is not feasible to protect.

As example, Climate Change impacts are affecting businesses through e.g. shocks caused by natural disasters, stresses to infrastructures on a continuous basis resulting from temperature of humidity changes. In parallel businesses are called to adapt to or adopt and assume transition measures, e.g. taxation for decarbonization, by amending their existing business context.

Various black swan events can trigger needs for “Business Continuity Plans” to cope with unexpected, so far, troubles. Flexibility, preparedness, decision making decentralization must be embedded in business planning and emergency operations, knowing that current megatrends like urbanization make potential impacts more severe.

Identification of vulnerabilities against all these risks at the earliest possible stage is necessary and required by various International guidelines for projects, entities and businesses.

Exergia SA has the capabilities and the experience to provide your Organization with modern solutions and tools for agile response, customized to your needs.  We have global expertise combined with deep knowledge of local conditions. Our experience combines groundwork Incident management during emergencies with remote support to Crisis management teams in the energy sector (Oil & Gas & Electricity).

We can work together with your Organization to perform analysis and assessment of relevant potential impacts and design mitigation measures and plans to increase your Organization’s resilience and finally protect effectively your business.