EXERGIA is licensed to carry out BREEAM Assessments

EXERGIA is licensed to carry out BREEAM Assessments

EXERGIA is among the few companies in Greece to be licensed under BREEAM International scheme (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) to assess the construction of new buildings and refurbishments worldwide.

EXERGIA provides an integrated approach while assessing a building under BREEAM certification scheme since its staff:

  • includes not only Licensed BREEAM Assessors but also a team of experts combining all fields required by the BREEAM scheme;
  • supports the client and the design team from the initial design stage up to post-construction stage thus ensuring that the building will achieve a high score under BREEAM rating.

Why get a BREEAM assessment?

REEAM is one of the oldest and most renowned certification schemes for buildings globally. The scheme aims at reducing the environmental impact of buildings, optimising the running costs and ultimately resulting to well-designed buildings and homes that are great to live and work in.

The BREEAM certified buildings have several benefits i.e. they:

  • are sold/ let easier, faster and in higher pricescomparing to non-certified ones, especially in today’s tough economic market;
  • do not require high additional construction costsas these are estimated at about 5% in most cases;
  • are more profitable in the long termsince the operating costs are significantly reduced over the lifecycle of the building;
  • address specific requirements of organizations/ clients, e.g. International Financial Institutions (IFIs);
  • Specifically in Greece, the current building regulations allow for an increase of the plot ratio by 10%if BREEAM certified, under conditions.

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Last update: 9 Oct 2014