Adoption of important documents under the project “Technical assistance for the implementation of the EnCT”

The project started in February 2010. The overall objective is to assist in developing and implementing energy sector policies in Montenegro that will ensure the implementation of commitments under the Energy Community Treaty, concentrating on strengthening of the restructured electricity market and enhancement of energy efficiency.

So far the project has delivered tenths of working documents, regulations, by-laws, guides and Plans and organised successfully series of events and capacity building actions. The Energy Efficiency Action Plan, implementing the Energy Services Directive, has been adopted by the Government, interim tariff methodologies, the new statute and other important decisions elaborated by the project, have been adopted by the Energy Regulatory Agency, while a number of documents are in the pipeline for adoption. Among them, the Transmission System Development Plan, the regulation transposing the Energy Labeling Directive and a number or Government and Ministry Decisions are in the final stages for adoption.

The project is carried out by EXERGIA (leader), KANTOR and MERCADOS.