About us

Dr. Theodor Goumas is an engineer with PhD in energy policy and has accumulated over 30-years of experience in managing and implementing energy projects worldwide. In the last decade he is involved in assignments related to energy markets restructuring, CO2 emissions reduction and improvement of energy supply and use in Europe and in developing Third Countries. He has participated in all phases of national and regional initiatives to implement Renewables, Demand Side Management and Energy Efficiency programs. He has good knowledge of the strategic energy problems worldwide, is familiar with the required energy project development infrastructure and has excellent understanding of the liberalised energy market conditions in developed and developing countries. As Chief Executive Officer of EXERGIA he supervises the maintenance of quality assurance requirements and assists with his experience in proper implementation of the company’s energy projects.
Mr. George Georgocostas is a Dipl. mechanical engineer with more than 25 years working experience in management and implementation of energy projects with emphasis on Demand Side Planning, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources. His expertise covers the whole range, from energy policy, planning and institutional development, to energy auditing, technical design, feasibility studies, contracting and implementation of specific investments. He combines the technical expertise with significant experience in designing, monitoring and evaluating incentive schemes, financing mechanisms and technical assistance measures. He has a very good understanding of the energy issues worldwide through his participation in projects carried out in about 20 countries with economies under transition, as well as in many EU countries. As resident Team Leader in large scale EuropeAid projects he provided technical assistance on the implementation of EU budget support programmes and reforms in the energy sector in EnC Contracting Parties. As General Director of Exergia he supervises project implementation progress and directs major energy projects of the company.
Dr. George Vlondakis is an electrical engineer holding a PhD in Information Technology. He has more than 25 years of professional experience and has worked worldwide as project manager or consultant on a wide range of projects financed by international institutions, national authorities and/or private clients. He specializes on issues of energy market restructuring and liberalization, on design and development of information systems for the operation of the energy market and for energy market operators and regulators. He has also extensive experience on energy modeling, energy data collection, projections of energy demand, market analyses, energy database design and development, feasibility evaluations and cost benefit analyses. He has an in depth understanding of issues related to energy policy, of renewables and energy efficiency in both developing and liberalized energy markets.
Ms. Niki Komioti is a Dipl. electrical engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the European and international energy sector. She has worked as senior energy expert on the formulation and implementation of national and sectoral energy projects supported by the EU, WB, UNDP and other international organisations. She has managed projects in the areas of energy efficiency and energy management for industries, utilities and commercial buildings, of integration of renewables into the energy systems, and of business development, market analyses, market strategies and feasibility studies. She has accumulated knowledge and significant experience in organising and delivering training activities and modern energy technology promotional activities, in designing and implementing information dissemination campaigns and in developing energy-based information technology applications. Furthermore, she is consistently working on bio-energy projects including biomass exploitation, biofuels production and waste-to-energy conversion in Europe and Third countries.
Mrs. Flora Konstantopoulou is a Chemical Engineer with post-graduate studies in environmental and sanitary engineering. For the last 14 years, she has worked in Exergia as an environmental consultant and she has participated in a number of international projects coordinating and managing multinational teams of experts from a wide range of disciplines. She has particularly been involved in Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) studies of large energy infrastructure projects including gas pipelines, high-voltage electricity transmission lines and power plants. During her career, she has carried out more than 100 environmental due diligence assessments for industrial plants and other manufacturing companies, gaining vast experience in first- and second-party audits, along with acquiring a deep knowledge of environmental legislation and other legal requirements.