About us

EXERGIA is an independent firm of consultants operating internationally in the fields of energy, environment and water. The company, founded in 1991, maintains a rapid growth rate through expansion of its client base and development of its activities. The cornerstone of EXERGIA is its highly qualified and dedicated staff with top educational background and wide professional experience. Our work is based on a decentralized organization, the application of state-of-the-art technology and a sound business attitude.

Business Philosophy

EXERGIA’s philosophy is to work in partnership with the client in order to provide consultancy, outsourcing services and cost-effective solutions through an integrated approach. The company embraces new skills, legitimate aspirations and well-founded applied knowledge to form a coherent work-team operating in harmony with the company’s spirit and completing projects on time and within budget.

Client-Based Approach

EXERGIA’s approach to project implementation is based on the thorough understanding of the client requirements, mutual commitment and trust, in-depth capability to present and evaluate alternatives and the delivery of substantiated and comprehensive final results.

A client-oriented organizational structure has been established enabling the provision of energy, environment and water related consulting and outsourcing services to various categories of clients, such as: Administration, IFIs, Industry, Utilities and Buildings.

Moreover, proven expertise in Management, Evaluation, Information Technology, Training and Capacity Building underpin our interdisciplinary integrated approach.

The company’s continuous objective is to maintain a leading position in the Greek market for energy, environment and water, as well as to expand its activities in new emerging foreign markets. We have a long track record of more than 500 successful international assignments, with a focus on the emerging markets of the NIS, Mediterranean, Central and South-East Asia and Africa.

Quality & Information Security Assurance

EXERGIA offers its consulting services in energy, environment and water following the procedures of the international standard for quality assurance ISO 9001:2015 and information security management ISO IEC 27001:2013.

EXERGIA operates under a strict Code of Conduct which is committing all subcontractors and provides a broad range of guidelines for proper business conduct and for ensuring highest levels of integrity in EXERGIA’ s business behavior. Exergia will act always in the legitimate interest of the client and provide all services with integrity, confidentiality, transparency and loyalty. In a professional business environment, Exergia meets high expectations regarding professionalism. All Exergia employees are therefore required to work towards meeting these demands.

The EXERGIA Code of Conduct complies with internationally accepted ethical standards of corporate governance and competitive practices. In addition, Exergia’ s approach to Quality Management is certified since 2000 and Information Security Management is implemented. Our Quality and Information Security Policy is available for download by clicking here.